Again, I apologize for my lack of posting. Many things happened in the past few weeks that I don’t want to discuss now. All I can say, that I have visited the hospital many times and more soon. Sometimes life is funny. Too funny.

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Laziness is my middle name

Yes, I was supposed to have a new theme for this site. All I know is, that I am lazy. That’s right. All the time I have now, and I can’t manage to do a simple thing. I should be burned at the stake. Or maybe, I should share stories about idiot men I talked to over the past few weeks.

We all need juicy stories in our life eh? :|

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Some things never change

Hi guys,

I know. I know. I am a bad blogger. I am just always out and about doing something, that I am neglecting this place. Yes, I got a job. Full time, but I had one condition. I want to work from home. After long arguments, and a week of emails and phone calls, I was employed again. I say again because gosh, I am the only programmer left who can take full responsibility for everything. I wanted to work from home because I don’t want to deal with customers, phones, people, nothing. I just want to do my work, and that’s it. Yes, I quit working inFebruary for them, although I worked there 3.5 years, but no matter what, they want me again. I agreed. I don’t have to deal with any baggage and I am left alone. Alone! I have my own home office!

They say programmers are introverted. Yes we are. I can be extraverted if I want, but why should I?

Anyways, I am looking again at this site’s theme and I don’t like it! I will change it to something else soon. All I need is Photoshop, and an imagination.

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Yes, I am bored to death! I am still alive though and kicking. I am wondering what to do with my life. I want to do something exciting, but every thing that is really cool (including this fantastic Klein recycler) costs money. I refused to go back to school because how many years will I spend doing that? I am sick of getting educated. For what? Nothing really. I served my time.

I have been thinking that maybe I should do something else. I don’t know what, but it is time for a fresh new start. If I ever have or come across this new venture, then I will tell all. For now, let me sulk in my thoughts.


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It’s been a long time

It was well needed. I wanted to stay away from everything and people’s opinions. I lacked words to type, but I am fine now.

I have met the past 6 months a lot of different people. Some are strange. I thought I was strange and I didn’t portray my self well, but no. There are many strange individuals out there that are controlled by others. And they will not admit they are being controlled. How can the live like that? Is it their method to stay grounded?

I have no idea. I can’t do it. I have to be my self, and I have found some great information about stopping my snoring, anyway, and I like to portray different ideas all the time.

What I have noticed in the past that some people never listened to me. They need a bite in the ass in order to change their views. I don’t get it. Did I have to become aggresive in order for those people to listen to me? I will not resort to such methods, but some people baffle me to a point that I want to just sit back and watch and think that peons will always be peons.

For those wondering if I got a new job, then no. I didn’t because I am damn picky and I will not settle for a “job.” I lost count how many offers I rejected. I need a long time career and I am sick of companies taking advantage of me. I am not desperate and I have minimal skills. All I know that some companies want a lot for nothing. It makes me sick and gives me a huge headache as a result.

We are reashing the end of summer and I am glad. I feel that things are changing. We are sitting in a wheel and waiting for it to stop and turn the other way and start spinning again.

I have a lot to say. I am just trying to put my thoughts together and waiting for right moments to explode bit by bit and say them.

I have no idea what people want from me. What they are waiting for? Are they waiting for my downfall? What is a downfall anyways? What can they describe it as? What makes them believe I am at the point? I am still alive and kicking and I have no reason to ever give up.

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