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Mall frenzy..

I think I been to the mall waay too much this week.. What did I buy today.. Hmm.. in Sears they had bed-in-a-bag deal for 40 bucks. It is goldish colour and so so so nice. :D I couldn’t say no.. mom said take it now! ..ehm ehm.. can’t say no to mom! :D lol .. anywho.. I been trying to keep my self busy by not sitting on the computer much. Just trying to not keep waiting for someone to talk to me or waiting for anyone. Just chilling checking my email and browsing the net. I want to watch TV now and I am drinking Arabic coffee. Not turkish. 3araby.. The yellow one with spices and stuff.. it is like a drug.. Now I will feel sleepy.. No wonder Arabs always look drugged up sitting in a dewan or majles. Hehehe..

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