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New year’s eve!

Well.. we just had our new year’s eve dinner. We had the good old (or small) Turkey! Yummy.. Mom makes awsome turkey. I did the mashed potatoes, croissants, gravy, and salad. We tried not to do much cuz we don’t eat that much. The Turkey was so light. I didn’t eat much because I didn’t want to stuff my face with that bird! I felt like sleeping well tonight! Anyways… good food. Mom kept saying.. Pray that it will be a good year next year. For me. I wish it will be. I really do. This year has been so bad. Actually the past couple of years have been horrible. I was not happy. So I am trying to be happier and trying to think positively for this up coming year. I am trying really hard to accomplish all my pre-defined goals. I really hope I can be something or someone better. Try to do things a lot better and be successful at the things I am doing.

Thank God for everything! :)

I will come back with a list of my new year resolution(s). Stuff I want to do and accomplish this year! Inshallah! :)

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