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New Year’s Resolution

Well. what am I to think of? What do I have to look forward to or plan to do next year? I never obey with it anyways. I will list some things anyways.

1. Life sucks. Need to change it.
2. Be more blunt and say what I have to say when needed.
3. Be nicer to people who deserve it after careful consideration.
4. I will never trust anyone unless they are worth it.
5. I want to dress up and look pretty all the time. Look good 24/7 for no one but me.
6. Put on nail polish. hehe. (I never do. Maybe I should).
7. Pamper my self with anything my heart desires. I want to live like I am worth a million bucks!
8. Never fall in love again unless the guy loves me for who I am. For next year. No love. Maybe in 2 or 3 years. When I am almost 30 and have enjoyed life and someone loves me and will do anything to be with me. (Beyet7ada el 3alam to be with me. Hey.. I like that song by Saber el roba3i).
9. Listen to music more. MP3z here I come!
10. I used to be called the evil bitch because people were afraid to talk to me and I was not so open. I will go back to being that! People respected me more then and wanted to actually know me more!
11. Talk to more people. Just be a social butterfly and go out all the time. Aahh the good old days!

Hmm.. That is all I can come up with now. Oh yah..
12. Work harder with my business. Two incomes is better then one! ;)

No 13. No need to feel gloomy and bad luck for next year. I will end it at 12. Since I am born in the 12th month of the year. And I am posting this message on the last day of the 12th month!

Happy New Year!

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  • regrding the resolution nbre 8:
    you can command your feeling ?

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