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My website does not like me..

I am cursed. I can only go to the control panel but I cannot view the main page of my site. I have been trying to all day. With talking to tech support and what not. I swear. It’s like the website is jinksed. I am pretty calm and I really didn’t care too much if my site is down or not. But the whole day? Now that’s too much. I am loosing money from Google adsense here.. I mean I am loosing fans.. I mean I am loosing spam.. I mean I am loosing loyal commentators.. So hmm.. it’s because I am on holidays and I am bored out of my mind. I have the blog as an entertainment and place to rant.. I have to rant. Today is a perfect day to rant. My site has been down! Aahh.. Should I switch hosting? Naah. I am too lazy.. and I like the features of my hosting plan.. but I want my site back! Why doesn’t my main page load? I am getting people emailing me and popping messages on msn saying where is your blog? Hell if I know.. Disappeared to the internet black hole. Who cares really. But you got to admit.. I had a blast with the tech support. I saved one conversation (live chat)..

This short conversation took 00:11:59 minutes!

So 12 minutes of my time is not so bad. I had a previous one that lasted an hour of me waiting with no results… but this one is funny..

Mona : (domain:
I don’t get why this is taking too long.. Is the problem from my side? Because I cannot access any file in the root directory of my site.

You are now speaking with Santiago of Support.

Santiago: Hello Mona

Mona : hi

Mona : can u help me

Mona : i was on this thing for an hour

Mona : and no use

Santiago: k

Mona : the previous guy just said i will tell my manager

Mona : and that was it

Santiago: one moment

Mona : k

Santiago: Database issue, correct?

Mona : i think so

Mona : don’t know :S

Santiago: Our Infrastructure (Internal) Department is working on this issue for you.

Santiago: Our manager was notified as well.

Santiago: Once the issue is resolved we will send youa correspondence email.

Mona : but what is the problem. was mysql upgraded is that why?

Santiago: One moment

Mona : ok

Santiago: This is an issue on our end that we are resolving.

Mona : okieeee

Mona : as long as it is not me

Mona : lol

Santiago: I’m sorry for the inconvenience

Santiago: no, it’s not

Mona : its ok.. i was just wondering how long it will take.. that’s all..

Mona : also i got another question

Santiago: Hopefully within an hour or less.

Santiago: Yes?

Mona : did the server just stop or you guys upgrading.. because it would be nice if there was a service status report.. or upgrade notification

Santiago: one moment

Mona : ok

Santiago: I am not sure, that is why they are taking a look at it for you. Once resolved they will let you know.

Mona : ok thank you

Ehm.. laugh.. haha.. more laughter.. wohoo.. It reminded me of this tech support flash movie I saw on Watch any video that is labeled Tech Support.. also watch the video “Once you go Black!” .. lool

Ahh life.. quite funny..

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  • it’s finally back and looks sexy

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  • thanks Moey.. I do have a Sexy Arab blog don’t I? :meow:

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  • WB!! :yes:

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  • Oh and Happy Eid!

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  • Jason where are you from? and you seem to know lots of Arabs and like Arabs! :P :good:

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  • I crawled out from under a rock :P but really.. born and raised in Toronto. Can’t help but meet ppl from everywhere and anywhere there. Tho I’ve never known a Palestinian.

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