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Today is the perfect day to rebell

kill-cupid.jpgWhat a perfect day to rebel against Valentines day. I even went to class and the instructor is an idiot and can see the majority of the people are nerds and asks, “How is everyone’s Valentines? Did you get a gift for your better half?” I look around and I look at him and think.. hello.. you are talking to nerds here. The odds any one of them having a significant other is 2 out of 30! I am serious. And I am one of those nerds. :lol: .. yah yah.. life has been a bitch the past year or two. To me Valentines or any other day is anti-Valentines. I don’t know why people are so into such commercial holidays. I don’t like any holidays; for example: Religious/political/memorial. I don’t care. I think my birthday should be the only holiday. And that’s it. :lol: .. that is a day to celebrate. I think they should make a new world order global rule stating that a person’s birthday should be their official holiday. I think that is only fair. The funny part is, my birthday is always on a holiday so I don’t count. haha :lol:

So anyone out there want to join my anti-valentine’s group? I don’t like this holiday. Only thing good about it is the amount of chocolate hearts factories produce and distribute in every store. Even the little corner store down the street has huge chocolate hearts. So holidays are good for one thing. CHOCOLATE!

Also I may seem bitter, but I really don’t like Valentines. I remember for the past 4 or 5 years I was with my X, I always got him something, and I swear he never gotten me anything. Anything! If he did it was probably after I gave him something. I doubt it. I don’t remember. Like I didn’t expect it since half the time he didn’t even give me a birthday gift. :lol: .. so why would a commercial holiday like this make a difference? Yes I was very badly treated, that is why I am very bitter person with a bitter rebellious blog. I am also very moody cause of it! :( Anyways.. I don’t care. I am happy to be alone! It’s great. I don’t have to go shopping or worry about making someone else happy. Pssh..

Anywho.. I still like it if someone gave me some fudge.. It would be a great anti-Valentine gift!! Has to be pure fudge though. None of that artificially flavored crap! Ha Ha Ha!


Updated 6:57 pm: I just looked at my 2006 post of valentines day. Yah I hate it. Now I look back and I have every reason to!

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  • as i always say, id rather be alone than unhappy.
    but seriously, 4-5 years with no gifts? how did u manage to stay FOUR FRICkIN YEARS with someone so unthoughtful 8O (dare i say cheap? :mrgreen: )

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  • I was a really different person back then. Very different..

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