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Replying to Burst of Honesty

noor shared this response:
September 9th, 2007 at 2:49 pmhi mona i just like to u hardly ever respond to my comments ,it’s like i type them for nothing ,even though i like u r blog and i check it out every day am not a blogger am just a reader , i always like to share an opinion on most off ur post but then i say y bother she wouldn’t reply back ,i mean if u don’t like my comment s let me know or if u think there stupid let me know too ,will any way i like ur blog even if i just read with out comments .thank u

Hello Noor,

I apologize if I don’t reply to your comment directly. It is either you posted it in an old post which I tend to ignore after a week, or you have posted a similar thought to someone else that I generally replied to you and them.

Anyways, thanks for sharing your opinion and liking my blog. :)

Asmaa shared this response:
September 10th, 2007 at 1:21 am

Hi Mona,

I have some questions for you:

1- If you were completely free to choose how to live, what would you do ?

2- You seem to get along with guys more than girls, what is the reasons ?

3- If your ex come now and kiss your feet and ask you to forget all what happen then ask you to marry him, what would you do ?

4- What is the profile and characteristics of the man of your dream ?

5- If in the future, you have a daughter, how would you raise her, would you raise her just as your parents did with you ?

That’s all.

Hello Asmaa,

Thanks for posting a comment and I will reply to each of your points.

1. If I had a choice about my life, I would move out of the house and go work at a very large company. I would travel freely a lot more and wanting to enjoy my life without any guilt or constraints to my family.

2. The reason I get along with guys more than girl is because I don’t have to keep comparing my self to a girl. I don’t have to worry about this girl being prettier, or smarter, or getting engaged or married b4 me. None of that jealousy which I can’t stand.

3. I would never do that. I even tell people this and you are not the first person to ask me. Even people I know (not from my blog but in person). I tell them one thing. The glass of water has been broken many times. I tried to glue it many times. The more I try to glue it and fill it back with water, the water just inevitably kept leaking more and more. Until the end when it just completely shattered to many smaller pieces that the glass no longer can be glued. So a direct answer to your question is no. Never. Not in a million years. I would rather be alone my entire life than even remotely thinking of a guy who treated me like I was nothing and just used me.

4. If you asked me a few years ago this question I would have a completely different view points. I can honestly tell you and even advice Arab girls and guys to actually try and find someone and get to know them before you do the stupid arranged marriage crap. Meet someone. Get to know them. Have lunch together and just be purely honest with each other and talk. If you cannot talk and have good communication between you two then you won’t at all after you get married. So if I ever thought any time in the future to like someone again than I would have these criterias. 1. honest. 2. honest. 3. honest.

5. If I had a daughter I would want her to be strong and have good self confidence. To be respectful of others and of her self. To learn to analyze people and any situation before making any judgments. Other than that, I am really open minded and I would let her do whatever she chooses to do with her life and not constraint her into an Arab mentality.

Tauqir Rana MD shared this response:
September 10th, 2007 at 2:09 am

Just a thought why there is so much black colour and shades of black on your blog You yourself seem to be a normal cheerful girl

Hi Tauqir,

The site is not black. It is a shade of grey. Hmm. I like dark colours because I have extremely sensitive eyes and I don’t like bright colours. I don’t even wear bright colours my self. I am not gloomy or anything, but my eyes are very bad and can’t stand intense colours.

asma (amma15) shared this response:
September 10th, 2007 at 3:34 am

can you link my new blog to your site? LOOOL

Hi Asma,

No problem. I will add your blog to my blog roll. :)

marianna shared this response:
September 10th, 2007 at 2:58 pm

Out of all the events that have happened in your life:

1. What was your most cherished?
2. What was your least favorite?

And why :?: :?:

Hi Mariana,

You like to ask the very personal detail questions. :)

1. Probably when I went to University and got my student loans. I felt I was free and not constrained financially to my family. Also when I got a job I felt I was completely independent and happy.

2. My least favourite and one that I regret is falling in love with someone who didn’t like me back.

Robert shared this response:
September 11th, 2007 at 8:55 am

Hi…I enjoy your blog on the days when I’m in the office instead of out fixing industrial equipment.

Whats the best cure for a broken heart? People say “move on” but it never feels that simple, especially when it feels like she was “the one”. Some others say, “Just replace her by going out with others”…What if you have no desire to do so? Is it just pathetically sad…or deranged? Do you have a cure? Its been 9 months…

AND…have you ever had the desire to be Dear Abby? :razz:

Hello Robert,

I am glad you like my blog and spend time reading it. However watch out for your work! :) Work comes first. Anyways, to answer your questions.

1. How to mend a broken heart? Hell if I knew. I tried to just forget and have no association with the guy. Then he kept crawling back which caused even more pain. Then I decided that the best way is to learn to hate him. He left me and made me a horribly sad person, then that was my first step to convince my self that I hate him. The more he got in contact with me the more I wanted to hate him. I tried to just pin point every possible thing he ever done or said that I disliked and turned it to hatred. I know it sounds wrong and very hateful but I tried every other way. This was it. It used to be my blog. I started this blog cause of him cause I couldn’t express my self in any other way, and I had no friends to listen to me. Now I am better and I think I am no longer heart broken.

2. Moving on will not work. I am sorry to say this. If you loved someone that much, breaking up one day and “moving” on is complete ludicrous and absurd. People who do that never loved the person at all to begin with. It is called high school love or just pure infatuation or puppy love. It takes time. One girl told me that it takes half the time you were in a relationship to get over them. So if you were with someone for 2 years, it takes 1 year to get over them, and so on.

3. I really don’t have a direct cure. I mean I am completely over him and hate him passionately and I can write a book about the horrible things he has done to me (I didn’t write even 10% of the things he did to me on my blog). I donno. I just don’t think it is that easy to get over someone if you loved them more than you loved your self and you felt you had a future with them. It is just not that easy.

4. Desire to be dear Abby? I never even read a dear Abby article. So no I never thought about it and I cannot really help others because I am still trying to help my self. :lol:

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  • hi Mona

    thank u for replying back ,and really i like ur blog and i read on regular basis ,have a good day. :smile: :smile:

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  • thanx for answering Miss Mona…

    Ha..funny thing is…the afternoon i posted that note… some things came to light about that person all at once..and hit me from several sides… and it was enough…”stuff” (some serious lies)…that i feel my heart has hardened… yeah…i guess its the beginning of that “hate” thing… Its funny also that men have the reputation of players and dogs…and yet…it seems a lot of women can be that way also.

    Thanx again…and enjoy your Holy month… :grin:

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