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I think the worse feeling that I have ever felt in my life is guilt. Guilt for making someone else unhappy and sad or mad at me. It is what really makes me depressed and I really hate my life. I wish that I can just say at times sorry a 1000 times and people to actually believe me.

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  • Excelant info keep up the good blogging. Musa.

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  • Hi, Mona!
    I remembered to come back to this site!

    I just checked back with your response to my comment :).
    Sorry for all the typos littered within my reaction/opinion about ‘jealousy among Arabs’.

    I think you’d be an interesting person to converse with on a regular basis (altho’ I am a tadbit younger than you.) I dunno if you’re be interested in doing so; but if you are, email me at & I can give you my MSN Messenger email address to add me.
    BTW: ‘’ is not my regularly used email address.

    ABOUT GUILT: I’ve found that the more intelligent a person is, the more likely s/he is to become upset by others apathy/ignorance/stupid actions. So, when this intelligent person scoffs at others or reacts with scorn towards others, it really never makes a difference..Thus resulting in extreme guilt for ones’ actions. Almost like a Catch-22–there’s not way to avoid being guilty whenever this is the case. For me at least, I guess annoyed over things stupid or average minded people do (namely classless, rude ones), so when I react in a manner similar to them, I feel extremely bad. It’s like these people are not aware at all that they might be hurting me, but when I treat them in a manner akin to how they’ve behaved with me, the sky begins falling.

    I dunno if you understand where I’m coming from; but, I’ve realized that those who are guilty are usually those smart enough to see ‘through’ a situation on levels most can’t & feel terrible because they’ve reacted to a situation in a manner identical to how others on a ‘lower level’ of intellect would.

    Have a lovely weekend!

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  • I presume 99% of girls on earth feel guilty!

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