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Long, long, long day

I have been awake since 2:30 am this morning. I woke up and I couldn’t sleep for the life of me. I wasn’t sleepy. Just wide awake and I put my laptop on my lap and browsed the net till about 5:00 am. I got sleepy then and fell sleep, and bam.. alarm ring rings at 6:30! :annoyed:

I then got to work at 8:00 am, and the small boxed room was BURNING hot. The thermometer read 25 degrees but it was more than that. Anyways, we left at 10 to go to my boss’s farewell BBQ at his place. It was fun, and we ended up playing rock band and rocking out for a bit. It was fun. :)

I decided to just call him Ex-Boss Man from now on. :spin:

Anyways, later when I got home, I spent it chatting and I was in no mood to shower and get my self extravagantly ready for a wedding shower my mom dragged me to. She kept yelling at me and driving me insane to the point that I just screamed from anger and said to leave me alone! I am 27 years old, LEAVE ME ALONE! I can dress my self, do whatever I want. I am not going there to show off! I don’t care! When we got there, she didn’t know anyone but a couple of people. Yet, she keeps dragging us to these events. We don’t talk to anyone, she doesn’t know the people, usually Lebanese, and all we did is sit there eat, and just leave. It was boring. Beyond boring. The little hall was burning hot too. I couldn’t stand it no more. We just left around 8:15 and that was the end of one crazy day. I am just tired of going out. I want to relax and sleep. One long 8 hours of sleep. Seriously, I don’t remember the last time I had a full night of sleep. Maybe March?

Also, for those who want to know the secret and more vivid events of my daily life, then everything will be revealed soon. Maybe in the next week or two. Only the people who know me personally and I am friends with I keep up to date. :) They are not mystified by my blog entries. :lol:

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  • Even though the wedding thing sucked you seem like you had a good time.

    Remember all these annoying things and don’t do them to your kids (When you have them).

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  • :whee: best of luck

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