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Life can be exciting from your corner of the couch

Who said that being a couch potato is bad? Life can be so exciting all from a corner of the couch. All you need is a cell phone and laptop and your life is set. This is what our world have boiled down to. I don’t need anything else.

As long as a person is reachable using any of the modern communications tools than they are set.

What you need to survive the modern world?

1. MSN or GTalk

Everyone is always online using the most popular instant messengers. So you never miss out on the latest buzz. Someone is always online to tell you what’s going on in the world.

2. Cell Phone

Your mobile number is your life. You can make it your life and only source of directly finding you everywhere and anywhere. Yesterday, I had issues with my cell phone. My Fido SIM card was dying so I could not receive or make calls or send SMS.. nothing. Those hours of agony of not being available has made me panic. What if someone called? Like now? I couldn’t even get into my voice mail. That’s how bad it was. Fido customer service were SO sick of me. Calling them 3 times last night and being on the phone for minimum 45 minutes really irritated them, and brought me joy.

3. SMS

Sometimes you don’t need to talk to someone verbally, and SMS is like chatting but quicker and it guarantees that the person will receive the message.

4. Facebook

Although I despise Facebook with all my heart and soul, it seems to be the IT way to communicate with people, and it is usually people you haven’t seen in a while. However, you are in touch with them for the heck of it, and if you didn’t add them, then they think you are a stuck up bitch and think you are all that. I guess I am ALL THAT.

5. Twitter.

Everyone needs a posse and people to stalk. I am allowing it and I like being nosy and knowing what’s up with people and what’s the latest general buzz that is going on. I care if someone is having a bad day. I care if someone is sharing a cool new link with awesome new gadgets. I care if someone is needing help solving a computer problem, etc. I just care because it is amusing to care about something that someone else is doing than real people you know. It’s social networking to the extreme.

That’s all you need.

So yesterday, I got tons of emails and people who kept wondering where I am and if I will ever go back to normal. I had to just make short blurbs on Twitter or else people thought I was dead.

What’s new with me?

1. I was interviewed a couple of weeks ago as a Geek Girl Blogger. The interview was posted yesterday.

2. My back is hurting me still, but my back has moved from a 90 degree angle to a 120 degree. It’s an improvement, yet the pain is still brutal. My dad thinks it is a great time for a vacation, and I said, “if I did ever want a long vacation, I would end up sitting on the couch anyways.”

3. I got an email this morning from a girl I met off the net and she gave me a link to a profile on Facebook from a person in Kuwait that is using my picture. I checked out the profile and saw the person’s friend list and it was all teenage little boys. Either the person who stole my picture is homosexual, or it’s an ugly girl who thought I was better looking than her ugly ass and used my pic to lure men. Don’t worry, I reported the person and I messaged the idiot to take my pic off. Why the hell you people want to steal my pics and make fake profiles? If you want to make a fake profile make a Facebook club for me! I know so many people, bloggers especially, who made their own Facebook fan page. I always wondered why someone is that desperate to be popular? I only want to be popular so I can rule the world from my couch command centre!!

4. My sister got a 92% in English writing. Guess who wrote all her essays? :think:

That’s it for today, yesterday I didn’t blog because I was too tired and the drugs made me sleepy half the day.

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  • Oh la la. hope your sis get 92% all the time lol


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  • It is always refreshing to hear someone say “I despise Facebook with all my heart and soul”.
    As for the “I always wondered why someone is that desperate to be popular?”.. regardless of what answers might spring out of this question, it think the online popularity is becoming more and more convenient to those who’d rather work more on their online profiles rather than their real one, or ones:)

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  • I hate Facebook, too. I think I’m the ONLY person I know who doesn’t have it. I love when people ask me for my Facebook… the look on their faces when I tell them I don’t have one and why… it sustains me. LOL.

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  • thanks for doing the interview – its a pleasure having you there
    hope your back starts getting better soon.

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  • You are welcome Tim.. it was lots of fun.

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