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Have you ever felt you’re not in the mood to do anything, because you keep believing that there is no point in doing so?

I have been trying to write out many feelings and stories on my blog, but I just hesitate and stop. I don’t know what is wrong with me. Where did my spark disappear to?

I don’t sleep much at all. I keep waking up in the middle of the night and I have strange dreams that constitues a lot of people and they are testing me. They are not testing me in programming or computers. The questions were clear to me and it was behaviour questions. I don’t know what it means and why. Maybe I have deep inner problems and struggles I have to face soon. Or, it was simply a dream.

I don’t know how to chanel my inner thoughts anymore. The lack of sleep is killing me.

Am I afraid of my blog, my words, my thoughts? I shouldn’t be and I need to stop thinking that way. I need to get back to the old me. Did I change? Or am I hiding what I am by a facade? Or, I don’t know who I am or was or what I should be?

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  • HHamdlillah,
    Your dream indicates u r really coming out of the bondage of self imposed negativity..Those people u r dreaming about r really waiting you to congratulate u for ur new post which may have full of positivity,- explaining about beauty of nature- your surroundings and ur “take it easy” approach & love to the people who make you angry by their attitudes,- also your hope for ur brighter life, marriage and happiness.
    God bless.

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