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I don’t want to say too much

Yeah I know. The title and thought process is so unlike me. I wanted to explain my previous posts though. Yes, they are regarding the God awful job that I have and not my readers. Like I said, job. This is not a place where I can label it as a career. I don’t want to get into the atrocious ridiculous details of why I despise it, but I can’t leave it without getting another one. If ever.

Today, I realized that if I leave they are beyond screwed. It all happened because one of my co-workers is sick. The male boss said, “MONA!! Don’t be sick too! You have to be here!” I said that I am not sick or feel that way. Why the sudden fear?

I wish I can disappear from the face of this earth. Guilt. Guilt. My subconscious. Shut up! I am not listening to you!

I ate my lunch early, because when you are thinking you get hungry. Now how will I feel at 3:00 pm?

I just don’t know how my yo-yo sane-in-sane hour by hour awful life will be. It’s not even noon yet. Some people don’t respect time zone differences anyways.

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  • Wow a meeting at 12:30! in 45 minutes and I am told now… :roll:

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  • Most people hate their jobs. A person is lucky if they like their job. Some places the boss is an asshole and the co-workers band together in mutual hatred of their boss. Other places the work itself sucks but the people you work with are great. Very rarely is there a place of work where the work is good and the people are great to work with. You usually get one or the other but not both being great. You are just going to have to find satisfaction in some other aspect of your life because the work place rarely lives up to ones expectations. Most people have hobbies or friends or family they enjoy spending time with. It is something to look forward to at the end of the work day. Nobody at the end of their life says they wished they spent more time at the office. What they remember is the relationships they had with other people and the fun things they did in their spare time.

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