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When I am sitting alone listening to music, I want my brain to also be at that stage of silence. I don’t want to think, analyse situations, and just tell my conscious to shut the friggen up.

That’s my problem. I sit for hours in silence because I am thinking of a solution. That’s the nature of my job. With the thinking comes what-ifs scenarios. Oh those scenarios! I wish sometimes that I didn’t day-dream or hope for anything in my future. Let me live my life day by day and let things be.

I wish it was that easy, and this fridged weather is not making it easier. Brr!!

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1 Comment

  • Nice post, but still a bit of a tease. Why do you not tell us more of your thoughts?

    What scenerios are you thinking of?

    Start your own business? Sail around the world? Tell everyone how you really feel? Buy an island?

    Really curious here.

    Or is this silence due to you not wanting to be judged.


    I can respect that.

    Hope you are well.

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