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Delays delays

Hi everyone,

I know I have not been a good blogger the past 2 or 3 years. I sometimes forget I have a blog. I have these anger episodes, and I get angry at my self first before anything else. My head hurts in a weird way sometimes. It’s not a migraine or anything. It is a shock I have to endure sometimes where I can’t fathom doing else in life.

I am not insane or have some phycological disease. On the contrary, I am as normal as normal can be. Everyone else around me pisses me off. That said, I wonder what is cooking for dinner. Good food is great on the soul. Don’t you think?

PS. Did I mention I work with idiots? Maybe I am the idiot, who knows.

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1 Comment

  • Haha, that’s why I read you on RSS, I only see your new posts when they actually come out otherwise, you cease to exist, for a time, in our minds. :)

    After reading your posts for three years, or so, I feel that your sole crime is being too honest. I have felt many of the things that you have felt as well. Or perhaps we are both insane!

    Anyway, I love the blog, and appreciate the posts.

    As usual, I hope you are well and that you find a better job.

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