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One test – Part 2

To continue on from yesterday… so, at around 9:25 am, I went on the elevator, because I turned back obviously, and went to the interview.

I met the secretary that opened the door for me, and she walked me to the conference room. Two guys came in. A young guy and a much older man, who was the president of the company, and they talked for an hour. They asked me more questions. The one question that the president asked me and I am sure most companies would not recommend you bad mouthing your current employer answer came up. You guys know I am blunt. You guys know I am honest beyond belief that I don’t care who is around me and what I say. I tell it like it is!

So I told him why I want to leave. He was shocked in his own way. (I will tell you later the reason why.) He said, “If things changed, would you go back to them or reconsider?” I said, “no.” The president asked me the final question. He asked me, “What are you afraid of me asking you?” I looked at him for a few seconds and I said, “nothing.” He then asked, “What are waiting for excitedly for me to ask you?” I said, “hmm.. nothing?” He looked at me and smiled and said, “Fair enough.”

Therefore, the ultimate test came up. I was given the skills test. 10 pages. 10 questions. My hand hurts that my writing sucks. But I had a job on the line! So I did it! Most of the questions were simple to me. I was like, really? That’s what I was asked? The interweb is my friend!! I know it backwards and forwards.

After an hour, I gave them my test. They left me alone in the conference room and I was given a newspaper to read while I waited. I looked around on the boards and saw so many charts, money values, etc. I was like wow. They got it made!

After less than 5 minutes, they both came in and smiled excitedly. The president said, “We gave that test to many candidates, and you are the only one that did amazing on it. You are highly skilled!”

Somebody recognized talent. Finally.

He then said, “Do you want to work for us?”

I WAS LIKE WHAT? I HEARD WHAT? I was beyond dumfounded and I nodded my head and said, “Yes.”

He said, “Perfect! Can we meet again Monday (as in yesterday) and have a contract and NDA for you?” I was like ok.

WOW! I said noon on Monday. Wow!

So Monday came. They met with me again. Two more guys came in and met me too. I was beyond happy, and scared a little. I was excited in my own way. The president told me, “You know we have been looking for you for a year.” I was like, “What? How?” He said, “We have been posting this job everywhere, and interviewed so many people. No one came close to you.” I was like, “Wow!” Therefore, I was given the contract and NDA to look at. I had 48 hours to agree with their rules. I took it home, but my mind was made up.

I emailed last night and said, “I will sign the contract.”

And I left it at that.

More drama, and I mean drama happened today. Well, stay tuned tomorrow to read the rest of the story!

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  • No, please no not more. I hope that this next post is you giving your former company the shaft for a change. Congratulations on getting an offer directly rather than having to wait and wait and wait…

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  • ;) more soon.. you will like it!!!

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