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One test – Part 3 and the finale!

This may be a long post, or maybe it is short. Hmm.. I am smiling hysterically anyways. Hehe!

So, I met with the new company and they gave me a contract. I headed back to work and thought about it some more. So I asked my co-worker if we will ever get a performance review or a raise or anything. He said, “It is funny you asked. I emailed this morning to ask about job security or an indication we are ok for a few more years. They talked with me at noon today, and said yes, we are not stopping and we will have more meetings.” I said, “More meetings? That’s it?” That was my queue that things had to end. Soon!

After an hour to my self, I was determined to take the new job. I will sign the contract. Screw everything! I started cleaning my computer slowly. I didn’t want to make a big deal.

Tuesday came (yesterday), and I went to work in the morning. I felt physically sick. I kept going to the bathroom none stop. I fely sharp pain in my stomach. I kept looking at my watch. I had to sign the contract at noon. Just noon! At around 10:30 am, I didn’t know what happened to me. Everything was blurry. A sound in my head said, “You’re sick. Leave NOW!”

I emailed I was sick and left. Nothing of mine was left on my desk. I went to my car. I took the contract and walked to the new building. I sat in the cafateria. I had Subway egg salad sandwich. I ate it and sat quitely. Looking at the watch, and waiting till noon. 11:55 am came. I walked to the elevators and went to the company. My new bosses were not there, so I waited. People there at the office knew me. They knew my name! I was like wow.

So, they came. I signed over my soul, and said, “See you in two weeks!”

I went down the elevators and down the hall. I had the email in my drafts. I sent it. I resigned immediately. I walked back to my car and went home.

Bosses were not happy! In my head, I said, “I will not be soft. I will not be soft!”

I felt I was in heaven. Was I dreaming? I did it. I saved my sanity. All my ailments went away. I was free. Free at last! Free!

So, my brother said on MSN, “Come to me! Book your flight now!”

So I did, I booked it and I am leaving tomorrow, Thursday.

This morning, I got an email from my former boss saying I had to return the key immediately, and I had to transfer my knowledge to the other programmer. I started replying to her, but I was also chatting with my former co-worker. He said, “What you did was really immature and bad behaviour.” I said, “I was sick and I had to do it.”

I replied to her, a very long email that stated the following first. I said, “I have no idea what he was working on. If he left or something happened to him, I had no idea what to do.” I ended the email after a long winded speech saying, “Be careful, others will leave too, but in their own way.”

That was that. Vacation!! I am going to the other side of Canada! God is great and works in mysterious ways. I love it!

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  • I was hoping that something like this would happen. Congrats, you deserve it especially afer earning through taking a test. Doesn’t it feel great to feel your skills validated and appreciated?

    Have a good vacation.

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  • Congratulations! You definitely deserve it. You’ll have to send us pictures of from your much needed vacation.

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  • Congratz!!!!
    Finally u get what u deserve!! Well done!
    Like Cajoh said, post some of ur holiday snaps :)

    enjoy ur time off! :)

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