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I’m back!!!!

I like to say that I am refreshed, rejuvenated, ready to conquer the world, and I am doing it with a big fat grin on my face!

After I decided to quit my previous job, because I was losing it mentally and physically, I decided to travel across the country to visit my brother and his family. He has a 5 and 2 year old. I decided that I will never ever have any children of my own. I would have to quit my day job if I do. I know my children will hate me because I am at the top list of “should never breed.” So, yeah! I had fun in the cold weather. I bundled up and watched TV. I did some sightseeing. Nothing exciting, but meh! I went out in the cold!!!

So, it was quiet and fun in a way. It was something I needed and I’m happy I did it. Happy happy joy joy!!

Today, it was my first day at the new job. I love it!! Not only I was introduced to everyone, and had an orientation of the entire company in the morning, I was taken out for lunch as new employee. I was like wow! Lunch? And I didn’t have to pay?? I love it! After I ate my chicken and goat cheese sandwich, we were given a fortune cookie. Mine was mind boggling that it was shared with everyone! It said,

“A new work opportunity will avail itself.”

WTF! I was like chaching!! My luck is on a role and my fortune for the first time ever is true! I love it!

I am at ease of mind… ahhhhhh!!!!

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  • mabrook :|

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  • This comment is meant to be a reply to “What is a rebel”. Not sure why the comments are disabled there.


    I am new to this blog and I was randomly looking around.

    I would say that the most definitive feature of being rebellious is being an independent free thinker.

    I am not sure if your statement ‘I am taught to be a good person first…’ is to be taken literally. But my view is that if you are X because you were taught X, then that is not being rebellious. [X in this case is "being a good person"].

    So, to use your example of being a slut. What matters is how the value judgement of “being a slut is a good thing” or “being a slut is a bad thing” is brought about. What matters (in terms of being rebellious) is whether those value judgement were made by an independent and original thinking, or that those values where simple absorbed from your environment.

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  • Mabroooook, have a great time, enjoy.

    Live long and prosper

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  • Congratulations on your new job. Now that you’ve been there a week, how do you like it? I would ask what you are doing, but since you signed a NDA you probably will have to kill me if you told me.

    All the same, enjoy you new environment and be thankful of the positive change that has come your way.

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