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How to be an Arab?

Lately, I have been getting a lot of people searching on Google to come to my site asking, “How to be an Arab?”

It is a lovely question. It makes me wonder what is an Arab.. no wait, how can one become part of another culture, or is part of the same culture, but does not know the culture? I am confused, because I would never think how to become identified to others by my culture and traditions.

Let’s simplify it then. How to become an Arab? Ask your self these points:

1. Do you have at least one parent of Arab blood that drive you crazy? Two is a bonus!
2. Do your parents force you to live by the Arab culture?
3. Are you olive skinned?
4. Do you secretly love the desert atmosphere?
5. Do you have to hear long lectures from your parents that start and end with religion?
6. Do they throw hell and the after life in there every now and then?
7. Do you speak loudly every where?

Great! If you got 7 out of 7 then you are a true Arab! So how to become one? Well, you are your culture. I don’t have the answer how to become one. You are just one. So suck it up!

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  • Hahahah Funny post, & very honest!! I recognized all the facts u stated !!!
    Hahah hilarious how our arab parents are all the same! :)
    So you actually have people asking you how to be arab???
    Since when did “arab” become a trait/ characteristic??

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  • Do you speak loudly every where?–>hahahahahahahahahahaha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :smile:

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  • people Google my site, and that is their search term.

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