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Things couldn’t be better

Life is a bitch, but that didn’t stop me.

I refused to eat yesterday because I was so angry. This morning my parents made me and told me to stop acting like a suicide case. This is the first time this happens to me. This is what I deserved. Maybe I needed the ultimate push to stop what I am doing so I can figure out now what I should do with my life. What will make me happy. I would really have loved a good excuse that is all. It drives me insane till now. Honesty is horrible with so many people. They are afraid of it.

So, I just sat at home today enjoying the cool comfortable spring weather. Best thing I can enjoy now. Way better than being in a room with barely any place to move, and is hot beyond belief. (This only happened less than a week ago.) 10 monitors and 4 workstations? Server room separating us that is almost 30c? I don’t get the logic. Insane people. I though my previous 3.5 year employers were crazy, but the one I had the past 2 months is the cherry on top of huge fat ugly cake.

They are still (the guilty) looking at my personal site. Stupid idiots.

Maybe I am relieved. Don’t you think? Maybe I should explore my options now. I got time. Only 24 hours in a day to do so much whenever I want. I have not come up with any concrete plans though. Hmm.. I am still recovering, but thinking too!

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  • Things always look bleak when things like this happen. Its only after we realize how it really was. Its like our minds play a game with us… I sometimes think its like were on self-destruct. Try not to do anything rash as we normally do stupid things when we get pushed into a corner…

    I am sure you can find work. Where I am from they are pushing people to become programmers because we have to ship in people from other countries to do these jobs. I am sure you will find something. If not, I am sure you can find jobs to do. I do not know what type of programming you do (I see you have made some amazing templates over the years though) but I think maybe a job with few people is best. People like us do not play well with others…

    Being a none-believer I tend not to think that these things happen for a reason… Bad things happen every second. Your not being punished for anything… I am sure you know this deep down.

    (Whats the deal with these adds selling me Viagra without prescription? They sell them in my local with no prescription… Not that I ever buy them… :shock: )

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  • haha @ the viagra.. who knows what Google has up its sleeves today. I hear you and I agree with you. I am ok now. I just needed to vent.

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