Some things never change

Hi guys,

I know. I know. I am a bad blogger. I am just always out and about doing something, that I am neglecting this place. Yes, I got a job. Full time, but I had one condition. I want to work from home. After long arguments, and a week of emails and phone calls, I was employed again. I say again because gosh, I am the only programmer left who can take full responsibility for everything. I wanted to work from home because I don’t want to deal with customers, phones, people, nothing. I just want to do my work, and that’s it. Yes, I quit working inFebruary for them, although I worked there 3.5 years, but no matter what, they want me again. I agreed. I don’t have to deal with any baggage and I am left alone. Alone! I have my own home office!

They say programmers are introverted. Yes we are. I can be extraverted if I want, but why should I?

Anyways, I am looking again at this site’s theme and I don’t like it! I will change it to something else soon. All I need is Photoshop, and an imagination.

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  1. Good for you. Working from home fits ambiverts well. A color splash is all the new design needs. Applies to life, too. :smile: Welcome back.

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