Wanted Dead or Alive


I am not a suicide case. I don’t think there is anyone in the world who is worth it. Not even my cat.

It’s only Tuesday, and I have considered jumping from a several stories high building. Also, I considered that a half moving car may bitch slap my car and roll it on its side while I am in it, then get hit by a train. Then I realized, that nothing is damn worth my finger nail. Fuzz them! All minions in my rebellious pond.

If you are smart beyond smartness and considered in the first world as genius, you will know what I am talking about. I consider my time is up, and I want to publicly display my inner demon. I don’t care anymore. I am gonna act heartless towards everyone.

I have been living in an abyss that I semi created, and for what? For my suffering? What am I gaining… or just losing?

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Is change like that good?

I don’t keep up with other blogs like I used to, but some I remember because they had that special something about them. They could be written well, give an audience a need by visual aids such as video, and are well designed.

Now, they changed.

I don’t care if there was a book deal, some company is interested in you and you made it big, and you can’t say anything on your blog because some company’s lawyer is watching. Where is your freedom in expressing your self? Why is your writing being sensored? All for the money and glory? You have become one of them, and no longer relatable.

Relatable is the key word that you should live by. The reason you have an audience because you are no different than them. Your life is unscripted and you are writing or portraying an art without thinking what will happen, and have others to enjoy it.

I was subscribed to so many. I was even a fan on Facebook for some. I watch videos or read what they wrote, and they have become a marketing tool for them. They also have employees and now a small company, and they are no longer writing what they feel.

I want to read real blogs. Make money for fun, but don’t turn your back to us and think we are just pawns for you to make money and that’s it.

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It’s better to hide it

One thing I can’t stand is Facebook’s timeline. Thank God that they have the option to unsubscribe from someone’s constant posts about the following:

  1. Children massacre
  2. Your kid’s photos of every move they do throughout the day
  3. Your lame poetry
  4. Your new love

I want to emphasize point 4 because honestly, if Facebook didn’t have the option to remove whomever from your timeline, then I wouldn’t log in into that crappy website ever again.

I don’t care if you got recently engaged. Congrats. Good for you that you found someone to put up with you, but do I have to read all day about how much you love him? Also, the love poems, the heart pictures, and changing your profile picture every 30 min to a different pose. My God! Self indulgence? Are you trying to make everyone in your Facebook jealous? No one cares, and honestly, you got people like me who think you are a young brat that doesn’t know any better.

Sorry my cousin. I had to remove you.

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I stand corrected

I know I was a bit dramatic in my previous post regarding Arab weddings, but I stand corrected by every word I have written. My mother went with my sister to a wedding the past weekend. I didn’t want to go for obvious reasons:

  1. I didn’t want to see anyone from the past; hence, went to University with me.
  2. The groom’s brother got married but totally hot. My style that will never happen.
  3. I can’t stand weddings that are done to show off.
  4. The groom doesn’t even live here anymore. He hasn’t for a few years. Hence, show off!

Anyways, my mother decided to talk about the wedding yesterday because I seemed to care.

My mother, “I knew everyone there.”

I said, “Nice.”

My mother, “The bride wasn’t pretty though.”

I said, “Huh? Why do you think that?”

My mother, “I don’t know how to describe it. She is not memorable. I can’t even remember how to describe her.”

Oh God!! Stereotypes! I didn’t want to hear that or care. She is a typical Arab! She wouldn’t say why, but she labeled her forever!

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